The sizable market leader supplying marine products as exporter and wholesaler in the Philippines

Donny’s Choice Food Processing Export and Import Corp.

Our group is headquartered in Manila, Philippines. Majorly has been engaging in global trading and local sales of marine products, including live seafood, frozen seafood and start to penetrate fruits products. We have built up a solid foundation from our vertical integration such as logistics and vannamei aquaculture enable to differentiate ourselves from other peers to obtain an initial success in strengthening our competitiveness in channels and establishing our own brand locally. 

As a leading live seafood exporter, we have strong network of international buyers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Singapore. Our scalable sourcing, excellent logistic ability and high quality frozen seafood products also further brought us to phase in local market in 5-star hotels, high-end restaurants and supermarkets. 

We will keep enlarging our branding image locally. Also, aiming at the wet market channel for next step to complete our local sales channel. Vertical integration will be continue toward the upstream of vannamei aquaculture such as breeding, hatchery and nursery which will make us to become the first player in the Philippines may be of covering the whole stream of shrimp products. 

We expect ourselves to become of one leading brand in the Philippines supplying various marine products of live, fresh and frozen seafood in whole ranged channels of hotel, restaurant, supermarket and wet market. From the perspective of global trade, we attempt to grow from an exporter into a wholesaler to further capture channels in South East Asia countries 

Our Mission and Vision

To become of one of the sizable market leader supplying marine products as exporter and wholesaler in the Philippines and SEA with significant value both in brand and channel.

  • To establish and apply the best practice in food sourcing, processing and distribution.
  • To ensure the best quality of services to our corporate and individual customers.
  • To maximize the synergy and facilities of the four business entities in catering to both domestic and international markets.
  • To build a dynamic and creative organization that will optimize the use of resources and produce maximum returns for all stakeholders.


Donny’s Choice Food Processing Export and Import Corp.

This company is into processing and distribution of frozen seafood products which caters to major hotels and restaurants in the country and clients in Asia. It operates 2 processing plant located at Sangley Cavite which serves as the central commissary of the group and 2nd plant located at Bacolod which will cater to the exportation of processed frozen vannamei among others.
In 2016, the company launched its own brand name (Donny’s Choice) of various frozen products in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

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